Honey Day Ride Bike Series

What is the Honey Day Ride?

The Day Ride bike is just that—a bike designed to be ridden comfortably all day. More specifically, the Day Ride is for serious longer rides where back aching Euro fit and hair-trigger handling are balanced with comfort, stability, and performance.

If you’re looking for a more enjoyable ride that lasts longer, it will be difficult to find a better tailored bike than the Day Ride. Many road bikes try to be race bikes and road bikes at the same time. But, a good road bike is really different from a proper race bike. The Day Ride addresses these fundamental differences, and then takes serious road riding a step further by fine-tuning all aspects of the bike.

Why is the Day Ride the ideal all day bike?

  • Handling that's optimized for long days in the saddle, where stability and easy handling are important.
  • Vertical compliance that provides comfort on the longest of rides.
  • Drive train stiffness that makes the fifth hour of hill climbing feel just a little bit easier.

More details about the Day Ride

Day Ride Bike Fit and Geometry

Our chart of Day Ride geometry provides all the details you’ll need to determine your ideal size.  And, because we offer 12-sizes of the Day Ride, we’re certain we have a size that will fit you perfectly.

  • 12 sizes to fit just about anyone.  We make women’s and men’s bike setups, too.
  • 1 cm top tube length increments enable you to choose between a few frame sizes, to fine-tune your fit and comfort.
  • Head tube lengths that are slightly longer than most performance road bikes. the purpose of which is to raise the front end to improve comfort on long ride.
  • Geometry tailored for stable handling during long tiring days in the saddle.

Day Ride Pricing

Honey offers three ways to get a Day Ride: